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Who We Serve:
Content and Media Industry
For more information on the Content and Media industry and related topics, please visit:

Media and Applications Knowledge Center

User Experience Knowledge Center

Networks and Services Knowledge Center

Global Forces Knowledge Center

Custom Research
  • User Experience
  • Customer Buying Behavior
  • Media and Applications
  • Segmentation
  • Willingness to Pay
  • Market Needs

Business Consulting
  • Business Plans
  • Value Proposition
  • Segmentation Strategies
  • Product Roadmaps
  • Competitive Positioning

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Strategy Analytics
Welcome to the Strategy Analytics Content and Media Industry Community Page.

Our customer base includes many of the world’s top media companies, operators, telecommunications vendors, consumer electronics firms, software providers, management consulting firms and investment banks.

Strategy Analytics comprehensive research data covers multiple media categories including TV, video, film entertainment, advertising, music, games, social media, apps, cloud media, messaging and media technology. In addition, our in-house user experience team conducts independent research on consumer behaviors, attitudes and usage scenarios, as well as a scheduled program of usability evaluation and benchmarking activities.
Content and Media Industry

Our goal is to support you with the information you need, provided with both the granularity and scope you require to inform your strategic business decisions.

Subscription Services

Take advantage of several subscription services that address every aspect of consumer, competitor, technology and market dynamics that matter to your success.

The Media and Applications Knowledge Center  helps you understand the 21st century media consumer and how to successfully navigate the increasingly complex media and applications landscape. Strategy Analytics’ granular coverage breaks down the total media market into multiple categories, multiple revenue streams, and regional research in almost 30 key media markets.

The User Experience Knowledge Center  helps you develop useful, usable and compelling solutions for consumers. Strategy Analytics is the only research firm with an in-house user experience practice that studies virtually all aspects of technology adoption, including home, mobile and automotive.

The Networks and Services Knowledge Center  helps you unlock a larger share of the consumer wallet and deliver more profitable growth. Strategy Analytics consistently leads the industry in delivering forward-thinking research and thought leadership on the telecommunications and media industries. We redefined country-level broadband measurement through our proprietary Broadband Composite Index.

The Strategic Competitor Intelligence – mobile Knowledge Center  helps you succeed in the converging m-ICT industry, analyzing over 25 key players across operators, vendors and Internet companies. Strategy Analytics interprets and integrates important new intelligence into each company’s profile and pushes intelligence alerts in real time.
Content and Media Industry
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