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Technologies Knowledge Center
Topics covered in this Knowledge Center

Resources you will find in this Knowledge Center
  • Forecast and Analysis
  • Metrics and Tracking
  • Buyer Behaviour Research
  • Custom User Experience Projects
  • Custom Research and Analysis
  • Reports

As always, we are here to help. If you have any questions finding what you need, please contact us

Strategy Analytics

Technologies Knowledge Center

Electronic technology and component manufacturers must make far-reaching decisions with speed and confidence. For cutting edge technologies, the challenge is how to drive that advanced technology down in cost, functionality and size…faster than your competition. For new products, your teams have to accurately anticipate – or even change – consumer buying preferences.

Strategy Analytics is a recognized leader in the tracking, analysis and forecasting of the wireless and connected home markets. Drawing on this unmatched data and expertise, the Strategic Technologies Knowledge Center delivers accuracy and depth in forecasting trends and identifying opportunities for electronic technology and component manufacturers.

The Strategic Technologies Knowledge Center helps you drive down the cost curve and sharpen your competitive edge by answering questions like:

  • How can I best allocate scarce R&D dollars?
  • What are the volume and cost parameters that I should be planning for to be competitive in my sector?
  • Which components will drive growth and profits?
  • What will drive next generation platforms?
  • What are the major disruptors that will affect my specific sector?
  • What's on the 3 - 5 year horizon for competing technologies?
  • What impact will integration have on architectures, component vendor revenue, market share and profits?

If your interest is primarily in:

Semiconductors for RF, optoelectronics, microelectronics, materials or equipment, we recommend that you start with Advanced Semiconductor Applications

Power amps, we recommend that you start with RF & Wireless Components.

Radios and wireless connectivity solutions, we recommend that you start with RF & Wireless Components.

Handset components or manufacturing economics, we recommend that you start with Handset Component Technologies.

Subscription Services

Advanced Semiconductor Applications
RF & Wireless Components
Handset Component Technologies

IEEE MTT-S Microwave Week 2015

17 May 2015 to 22 May 2015
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Strategy Analytics Events
  • Use SpecTRAX to keep track of handset announcements, specifications and availability
  • Provides granular operator and market-level data, combined with unrivalled insights into the competitive environment and challenges facing mobile operators in the mobile broadband and evolving mobile voice markets
  • Offers deep dive primary consumer research combined with performance measurements of service providers in over 60 countries
  • In-depth analysis of consumer behaviors, preferences and choices for virtually all aspects of technology adoption, including home, mobile and automotive
  • First to market each quarter with the most accurate and detailed data on handset strategies
  • Offers a comprehensive analysis and forecast of trends, companies, contracts, platforms and semiconductor content for the global defense industry
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